Local Install


For the main required Python packages (numpy, scipy, etc.) we recommend using Anaconda for Python 3.6

Installing package and dependencies for DASH3R locally

  1. Clone repository

     git clone https://github.com/mgoubran/DASH3R.git dasher
     (or install zip file and uncompress)
     cd dasher

    If you want to create a virtual environment where DASH3R can be run,

     conda create -n dasher python=3.6 anaconda
     source activate dasher

    To end the session,

     source deactivate

    To remove the environment

     conda env remove --name dasher
  2. Install dependencies

     pip install -e .[{option}] -process-dependency-links

    If the computer you are using has a GPU, replace “option” with “dasher_gpu”. Otherwise, replace it with “dasher”

  3. Test the installation by running

     dasher --help

    To confirm that the command line function works, and


    To launch the interactive GUI.

Download deep models

Download the models from this link and place them in the “models” directory

For tab completion

pip3 install argcomplete

Updating DASH3R

To update DASH3R, navigate to the directory where DASH3R was cloned and run

git pull
pip install -e .[{option}] -process-dependency-links

where “option” is dependent on whether or not you have a GPU (see package installation steps above)